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Shower Steamer Spray- Sweet Lavender

Shower Steamer Spray- Sweet Lavender

Transform your bathroom into an aromatherapy sanctuary with 'Meditate' Shower Steamer Spray. Its calming blend of high quality, lab tested Essential Oils, including Lavender, Sweet Copaiba and Menthol Crystals, will help transport you to a place of relaxation and peace. Try it in the mornings for a grounding and tranquil way start to your day, or in the evenings to promote peace and rest. 

This new twist on Shower Steamers is an innovative way to avoid the unnecessary mess that typical solid Shower Steamers give. Our Shower Steamer Sprays are an ultra-concentrated spray that gives you more uses for your money & more control over how strong you want your personalized aromatherapy experience to be! Not to mention, you won't have the chance to forget your steamers outside of the shower when you can store this right inside your shower space. Let's all work smarter, not harder!

2fl. oz. Aluminum Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Pure Essential Oils, Distilled Alcohol, Natural Menthol Crystals
All of our Shower Steamer Sprays contain Menthol Crystals & are very potent! Please keep out of reach of children & assist with use. 
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