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What are Massage Serum Candles?

What is a Massage Serum Candle? 

   It may seem a bit daring to pour a freshly lit candle’s wax right onto your skin, but you will be pleasantly surprised to feel the low melting point of these ‘solid body oil’ candles feel. They don’t burn at all, and feel decadent, sensual and moisturizing without being too greasy or heavy. The warmth of the oil is comforting and can heat up the energy in the bedroom, or be used as an all over body moisturizer. The blend of oils we choose to scent our Massage Candles with are always exotic and enchanting to inspire the goddess within you and add to the fiery mood. 

  Our Massage Serum Candles are Hand-poured, and crafted with a blend of Organic and Natural Oils, Butters and Waxes to create a perfectly moisturizing body balm that is nourishing for your skin, keeping collagen healthy and locking in long lasting hydration. Use solo for an all over body moisturizer or with a partner for massage. 

To use, simply light the candle and let it burn until a pool of oil has formed- between 5-20 minutes. Blow the candle out and use for massage or as a personal moisturizing balm. 

Find our Massage Candles Here: https://zenzalea.com/products/massage-serum-candle



    In the next Blog we will discuss our Intimacy Oil & the benefits of using an all natural, oil based lubricant for many applications-including massage as well! Stay tuned...

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