What is an 'Intimacy Oil' and Why is it Beneficial?


    Intimacy Oils are a blend of all-natural oils designed to bring you and your partner the ultimate sensual experience. Our Oils make for an exceptional massage oil and is not only gentle and safe for all body parts, but also offers an ultra-long-lasting effect. With an unscented and unflavored formula, we ensure a PH Balanced and ultra-sensitive base that will leave you feeling moisturized instead of sticky like a lot of oils or lubricants on the market.

    Our Intimacy Oil is ideal for nipple stimulation and can be used anywhere below the belt. However, we advise against using it as a personal lubricant in conjunction with Latex Condoms, as the oils may potentially thin or tear the latex material. It is, however, perfectly compatible with silicone, glass, or metal toys, making it suitable for an array of experiences.

    Designed for both solo and partnered use, our sleek and silky Intimacy Oil requires minimal reapplication, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in those passionate moments without any interruptions. The infusion of botanicals and isolates not only heightens pleasure but also offers powerful anti-inflammatory properties, effectively reducing any discomfort during intercourse, especially for those longer sessions. It will not leave a sticky residue but will leave you feeling moisturized and soft as an added bonus!

    Elevate your intimate encounters with our Intimacy Oil – a superior blend that combines natural ingredients and optimal functionality to create an unrivaled experience of pure bliss.


You can find our version of Intimacy Oil Here: Intimacy Oil – Zen Zalea Botanicals

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